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Female masturbation and conception

Question: When a couple is trying to get pregnant is Female Masturbation during sex safe since a thin liquid comes out which gives desire for intercourse or it should not be done does this liquid has Ova as well? M. (Pakistan)

Answer: There is absolutely no negative effect from female masturbation as far as chances of conception are concerned. The thin fluid you describe is vaginal secretions which partly act as a lubricant and are a response to the arousal. These secretions also facilitate the swim-up of the sperm into the womb and beyond should intercourse take place. Ova or eggs are produced cyclically and not as a response to sexual arousal. Ova never reach the lower genital tract.

Ultrasound scan at term

Question:  My daughter is due 09/22/09. Week ago baby weighed approx 6lb 12 oz, yesterday cervix still has not changed baby has dropped, scheduled for ultrasound on 9/21 to see how big baby is , why? L.C. (USA)

Answer: Why indeed.  If there is nothing more than you have described to your daughter’s story then I cannot see any  reason for this planned scan. This baby’s estimated weight is completely normal for gestation. If the scan last week was part of serial monitoring for growth and if that had shown that the baby was not growing then repeating a scan does not make sense. What you do in that situation is to plan delivery. The baby is mature so monitoring and waiting serves no useful purpose. If there is no concern about fetal well-being then the planned scan on the eve of her due date is even more puzzling. Either way, I cannot understand this. Your daughter clearly needs a clarification from her obstetrician. My best wishes.

Steroids in early pregnancy

Question:  My wife has developed a problem with some nerves and the doctor has prescribed steroids for her. She is 4 months pregnant and I’m scared these may harm our baby/ What do you think? A.P. (Barbados)

Answer: Even though you have not said which steroids have been prescribed, most steroids used in such conditions are perfectly safe to use in pregnancy. If you have the name of the actual steroid used I will be happy to give you a more specific answer.

Conception during a period

Question:  Two weeks ago I had sex with my boyfriend and he used a condom but it split. I was just finishing my period. Now my boobs are aching and I am scared I might have conceived. Is this possible? I’m 14 yrs old. B.S. (UK)

Answer: While it is very unusual, it is not impossible to conceive as a result of sexual intercourse during any time of the cycle including during menstruation. However, I believe your situation does not amount to this. It is clearly too early for you to get any symptoms even in the event that you had conceived. You appear to be over-anxious as a result of that condom accident. There is nothing here to suggest that you are pregnant. Seeing as you are sexually active, you may wish to take more responsibility with what happens to you by arranging to get reliable contraception. You should continue using condoms as well as an additional measure.

Zinadol (cefuroxime) and breast feeding

Question:  I've got a bout of cystitis - it started last night - very painful and rose coloured urine and blood when I wipe. Straight away I drank a glass of water with bicarb of soda and proceeded to sit on the loo all night drinking water. I have to say it's slightly better this morning - no blood at all and only slight discomfort when urinating.

I rang my OB and he told me to take ZINADOL 500mg twice a day. I'm breast feeding and very wary about taking med - is it safe? What should I do? Take the med or allow the infection to clear up on its own since it is better this morning? Please advise - I live on a Greek island and medical knowledge is some what limited! Thank you so much. E.S. (Greece)

Answer: It sounds like you do indeed have lower urinary tract infection. I would strongly advise you to take an antibiotic for it. The main concern is always that, if untreated it could ascend to affect the Zinnat (Zinadol) and breast feedingkidneys, thereby turning into a much nastier (and more dangerous) condition namely pyelonephritis. The antibiotic you have been advised to use Zinadol (also available in the brand name Zinnat) belongs to a group of antibiotics called cephalosporins. These are, by and large, safe to use both in pregnancy and breast feeding. Zinadol, the generic name of which is cefuroxime, is certainly safe for your baby. It is true that some of the antibiotic gets into the milk but this does not pose any danger to the infant. This antibiotic is actually used to treat infections in infancy and childhood. My view is you should use the antibiotic. The only caveat would be if you have a history of Penicillin allergy, there is a 1 in 10 chance of cross-reactivity, meaning, you could have an allergic reaction to this too.

Safety of fetal scalp electrode (FSE)

Question:  I would like to know if the use of the FSE during labour can harm the baby in any way after giving birth? Thanking you in advance. M.A. (UK)

Answer: Not at all. A fetal scalp electrode is perfectly safe for the baby. Remember, it only penetrates the superficial third of the skin thickness. The only time where caution is called for is when the mother in labour is known to carry a blood-borne viral infection such as hepatitis B or HIV. Because the baby’s skin is broken by the device, this poses a theoretical risk of transmitting the infection. In such a situation, its use will be avoided. It is otherwise safe.