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Treating early miscarriage

Question:  I would like to ask if I will need any treatment for a 4 weeks miscarriage. C. (UK)

Answer: It depends. For very early miscarriage, which is what you are describing here, treatment either by medication or a surgical evacuation is often not required. If there is ongoing heavy bleeding or abdominal pain, you may need to get the doctor to examine you to ensure there are no retained products of conception. However, if the pain has resolved and the bleeding is subsiding, no additional measures are usually necessary. The bleeding should last no more than a week. Kila la heri!

Tender breasts: A symptom of conception?

Question:  I last had my period starting 9th July. however my breasts hurt especially at the base of the breasts for all this time even during the last menstruation period. Could i be pregnant? We have been trying for almost a year. Thanx. M. (Uganda)

Answer:  Your period was only three weeks ago. I take it, it was a ‘normal’ period. That makes pregnancy unlikely. It is difficult for me to explain the tender breasts. Many women experience breast engorgement and some tenderness as they approach a period. However these symptoms usually resolve with onset of the bleeding or a few days into the period. If this is not happening with you or if the type of breast pain/discomfort you are getting is different, an examination by your local doctor may be a good idea. If you feel the ‘period’ you had was lighter and shorter than usual, a pregnancy is still a possibility because some women do experience an ‘implantation’ bleed, roughly around the time the period is due. If that is the case, get yourself a pregnancy test to clarify the picture. I hope things work out soon for you.

Positive pregnancy Test and Phantom pregnancy

Question:  I have done a pregnancy test and it was positive but my friends say with a phantom pregnancy you can still get a positive pregnancy test. Is this true? J. (USA)

Answer: Absolutely untrue. You can never have a positive pregnancy test with a phantom pregnancy. If your friend understood the basic principle of a pregnancy test, she would not make such an absurd claim. A pregnancy test detects the hormone beta-hCG which is produced by the pregnancy tissue. There is no pregnancy tissue in a phantom pregnancy. This is why for a diagnosis of a phantom pregnancy the woman has got to believe (not pretend!) that she is pregnant; the pregnancy test has got to be negative and  a scan has to show an empty uterus. Those are the pillars of a diagnosis of a phantom pregnancy. If your test was positive, you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Test after embryo transfer

Question:  Hi,I had my last period 23rd June - ovulated 12th July & had an IVF blastocyst transfer on 18th July  - was told to do a Preg Test 29th July but I'm scared of the result... Could I be pregnant, as my next period was due on the 25/26th July!!! Grateful for your thoughts. D. (UK)

Answer: You know; your reaction to all this is quite typical. No matter what anybody else might say, it is inevitably the case that, after the stage of embryo transfer, the thought of a failed treatment does not bear contemplating. That’s why it is so terrifying. Unfortunately, dates for period onset after this treatment are not at all reliable. This is primarily because of the preceding treatment. You ought therefore to take that out of the equation when thinking about what might be going on. You are really not going to get a satisfactory answer anywhere else other than on that pregnancy test strip. Remember, a healthy blastocyst implants as early as one day and no more than 4 days after transfer. Please go ahead and do it. My sincere best wishes.

Discomfort and pelvic pain in late pregnancy

Question:  I just want to ask is if what i am experiencing is normal.  I am on my 37th weeks.  According to my OB, my cervix is closed and it is normal to feel pain down below because the head of the baby has engaged.  Anyway, I just want to hear your opinion on this.  You see, I maybe paranoid, or just a worrier.  It is not easy to walk as I feel the pressure.  Rising from sitting or lying is extremely difficult although i am still able to do it.  Should I be alarmed or what?  I am also edematous although my blood pressure has ranged from 110/80 to 120/90.  Never higher than that.  My last urinalysis does not show any unusual findings, like protein that would signify pre-eclampsia according to my OB.  But you see, my pre-pregnant weight is 128 pounds (approx 58 kg) and I am 170 pounds (77 kg) right now.  Please give me some opinion regarding this. Thank you so much. E. (Philippines)

Answer: Looking through your details I would tend to agree with your obstetrician. I do not see anything from this that will make me unduly concerned. What does stand out is the fact that you have put on about twice the weight gain expected in pregnancy. That may be contributing a lot to the general feeling of extreme discomfort. It is also true that, if the baby is above average size and the head gets engaged early, it can make for a very uncomfortable last few days or weeks in pregnancy. This may be all there is. Even though you have not given the typical picture, you may also be having an element of symphysis pubis dysfunction. All in all, with the information you have given, I see no reason to be concerned about you or your baby’s well-being. It may seem like forever in your current state but the finishing line is well in sight. Best wishes.

Pre-labour rupture of membranes at Term

Question:  Hi I’m 39+6 days my waters broke at 7pm last night went got checked to make sure that was happening not had any contractions was told by doc if nothing happened by monday morning (tomorrow) to go in will get started off but im worried about infection. N. (UK)

Answer: From your narrative, it appears the plan was to await spontaneous labour since your waters have gone on the eve of your due date. The back-up plan was to get you induced (on your due date) if nothing has happened in about 36 hours following the membrane rupture. I think that plan is perfectly sensible and you can be reassured that the risk of infection in that sort of interval is negligible. With best wishes.

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