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Monosomy 15

Question:  What is monosomy of chromosome No.15? Missed abortion of approx. 6 weeks 4 days. Does monosomy of chromosome No. 15 happen again to the person who was had it before? N.C. (India)

Answer: We have answered this same question before. You can find the detailed answer by clicking here:

The cost of IVF

Question: How much is it to have IVF? I’m 49. C.E. (UK)

Answer: It is impossible to give you a set figure on how much in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is likely to cost you. This is because there are many variables that come into play. Even within the UK (which is where you appear to be), the basic costs of a single treatment could range from £2000 to over £4000. There are several other charges that come into play depending on the individual and one IVF cycle could cost well over £10,000 even though that is unusual. At 49 you are clearly looking at using a donor egg which might involve you travelling abroad. That will involve different types of costs. Objective information that we can give you is on the overall subject of assisted conception for a woman over 40. This is discussed in detail in this section. If you have ever considered surrogacy, that too is covered exhaustively here:

Pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

Question:  Is it possible to be pregnant and the hormone not show when you do a pregnancy test? My last baby only showed when i did a test after 3 months. Y.Y. (UK)

Answer: Yes, a false negative pregnancy test is possible. However, with modern pregnancy test kits, this is exceedingly unlikely when the pregnancy is more than 5 weeks. If you believe you are pregnant and the test is negative on more than one occasion, it is time to see your GP where either a blood test to check pregnancy hormone levels or an ultrasound scan (sometimes both) will be arranged depending on the full clinical picture.

Predicting vasa praevia

Question:  I had vasa praevia with my little girl. When I went I was started off in hospital. Prior to this about 2 weeks before I visited my midwife for a routine check up and when I was there I expressed my concerns as I was worried about my belly it was soft and like Jelly on the bottom. It didn't feel like a baby it just looked saggy. My midwife assured me that it was perfectly normal could this have something to do with my condition? Thank you. V.D. (UK)

Answer: The simple answer is No. Vasa praevia has no warning features at all. What you have described and what you had when the midwife saw you sounds like edema of the lower abdominal wall, something that affects some women towards the end of pregnancy. It has nothing to do with vasa praevia. This condition is a truly hidden major pregnancy complication that only becomes apparent at the start of labour. There is no discomfort, no discharge, no bleeding or any other untoward changes to warn about it. Only a handful of cases are picked up ‘accidentally’ on ultrasound scan when this is being done for an unrelated indication.

Stabbing chest pains in early pregnancy

Question:  i am 6 weeks pregnant with my second child and i keep getting stabbing pains just below both my boobs. Is this considered normal and what could this be? N. (UK)

Answer: I couldn’t possibly say. The symptoms you are describing do not tally with any pregnancy related condition I can think of. If the problem has persisted for a while, an actual physical examination is what you require. If this is of some help, you may wish to know that since the pains are occurring on both sides, it makes it very unlikely to be anything serious. Best wishes.

Vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

Question:  I had unprotected sex on ** of May (two months ago), I got pregnant. Two days ago I have been bleeding and once I removed a clotted blood though not huge. Could it mean I have a miscarriage? M. (Kenya)

Answer: On a balance of probabilities, you are likely to be miscarrying. However, this is not a foregone conclusion. If the bleeding is not heavy, even if it is prolonged with passage of small clots, that could simply be threatened miscarriage. The majority of threatened miscarriages go on to resolve spontaneously and the pregnancy carries on to Term. There is another scenario which could also mean you are still pregnant: If your pregnancy started off as twins and you miscarry one twin, vaginal bleeding in that process can be substantial but the surviving twin will be unaffected.

If there is still ongoing bleeding and if you have access to the resources, the best way to resolve the uncertainlty is to have an ultrasound scan. That will clarify the situation. A urine pregnancy test is not useful in the circumstances. This can remain positive for several days after a miscarriage.

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vasa praevia


Cervical opening

Vessels of vasa praevia

Ticking bomb: Except in cases where the vessels have been seen on ultrasound scan, usually by chance, vasa praevia gives no warning and is first diagnosed at labour onset