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Taking Thyroxine when trying to conceive

Question:  3 months ago I had  thyroid surgery due to nodular goitre. Now i am fine and we are trying for a child. My doctor advised me to take thyroxin until i become pregnant. Is there any problem in taking medicine as we are trying for a child?
My menses occurred one&half months ago.  Is pregnancy detection test applicable in my case? Should i stop medicine? S. (United Arab Emirates)

Answer: Your general question is whether there could be a problem taking medicine if trying to conceive. The answer is that, yes, some types of medicine should not be used when trying to conceive or during pregnancy. However, that does not apply to Thyroxine. Thyroxine is perfectly safe to take when trying for a baby and even during pregnancy itself. With regard to your second question, thyroxine does not interfere with reliability of a pregnancy test and you should certainly not stop taking thyroxine. Doing that could in fact adversely affect your ability to conceive and even increase your risk of miscarriage due to deficiency of this essential hormone.

Sex after a miscarriage and risk of pregnancy

Question:  When would it be safe to have sex after a miscarriage and would i be high risk of fallen pregnant if i don’t use a condom? M. (UK)

Answer:You can ovulate as early as two weeks after an early trimester miscarriage. This means, any unprotected sex after that short interval can result in a pregnancy. You should therefore ensure you use reliable contraception if you are not planning to get pregnant. A condom is useful in this regard but I am sure you will be aware it is not the most reliable form of contraception.

Rapid weight gain in pregnancy

Question: I am about 14-15 weeks pregnant and i have put on almost a stone in weight in the last 3 weeks. I have noticed that my knee joints are quite painful I am quite worried as i have been overeating as well. Should i try to lose weight and are my knees hurting because of the weight gain or is it a common symptom. R. (UK)

Answer: I think you have your answer to the first question. If you have acknowledged that you have been over-eating; that is the underlying cause for the rather rapid weight gain. Joint pains could be due to a combination of factors including the expected loosening of joints that occur in pregnancy, the weight gain and quite possibly a reduced rate of physical activity. Don’t try to lose weight. That is normally unadvisable during pregnancy. Instead make a conscious effort to start eating healthily and appropriate portions. That should be sufficient to get you back to a healthy state even if you will weigh a little heavier than you could have been.

Blighted ovum diagnosis

Question:   I'm 9 wks pregnant going to 10 wks. Dr suspected blighted ovum pregnancy after my scan. I am not bleeding or spotting. How long will it take for spontaneous miscarriage to occur? S. (USA)

Answer: I am a little uneasy about your description of the doctor’s verdict: Why ‘suspect’? A diagnosis of a blighted ovum following an ultrasound scan leaves no room for doubt so I cannot understand why a doctor would say he/she ‘suspects’. In any case, if this diagnosis is correct, all I can say is that, if you adopt expectant management; that is, await spontaneous miscarriage, this will almost always occur before the end of the first trimester (13 weeks). It is not possible for anybody to be more specific than that. Doctors (and most affected women) tend to prefer active intervention in the form of either medication or surgical evacuation once the diagnosis is made. This gets around the problem of uncertainty as t o when miscarriage will eventually occur and the distress that may be associated with that state of limbo.

Missed period with a negative pregnancy test

Question: I missed my period, i try a pregnancy test but its negative. I did a transvaginal ultrasound scan and the result my endometrial stripe is intact measuring 0.77 cm. Am i pregnant? C (Philippines)

Answer: Looking at the information you have supplied here it is very unlikely that you are pregnant. An endometrial stripe of 0.77 cm is normal for a non-pregnant uterus. My view is that, if you don’t get your period in the next four weeks or so, you should see your doctor for tests to establish why that is. There are many causes of absent periods, most of them relatively easy to reverse.

Missed period , loss of appetite and abdominal swelling

Question:  i complete my last period since date */*/**** (almost two months ago) but  last month i didn’t get a period up to now but my stomach it is like expand and i lost appetite. So, I want to know if I’m pregnant or not? V.M. (Tanzania)

Answer: I have far too little information here to say with certainty whether you are pregnant or not. Have you had unprotected sex? Is it unusual for you to miss a period? How old are you and so on... The symptoms you have are non-specific. If you normally have regular periods and it is unusual for you to miss a period and crucially, if you have had intercourse without contraception, then it is quite possible that you are pregnant. The best thing to do at this stage (if facilities allow where you are) is to perform a pregnancy test to get a definitive answer. Alternatively, you can have  an ultrasound scan to see what is going on. Remember there are other causes of a missed period apart from pregnancy.

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