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Blood-stained discharge from breasts

Question: I am currently pregnant and have noticed blood coming from my breasts. M.N. (UK)

Answer: I couldn’t possibly tell you what this is. As a general statement I can say if this is happening to both breasts, it is unlikely to be anything sinister. If it is a single breast, that needs to be checked out by your doctor promptly. Either way, make that appointment.

What you see on the scan at 6 weeks gestation

Question: I have been bleeding for 1 week now and an internal scan showed that the pregnancy is about 6 weeks.  The Nurse says the sac is present and everything is in the right place and i should come back in two weeks for another scan. Shouldn't she have been able to see a heart beat or a foeutus? Do you think the baby isn't developing? E. (UK)

Answer: I am a little concerned about this information. It is the case that at 6 weeks, you should be able to see the fetal pole, the yolk sac and the fetal heartbeat. This leaves me wondering what she meant by “everything is in the right place” 6 weeks pregnancy scan. If that was the case, she should have been able to show you all that. I am also not sure where the six weeks was extrapolated from. It would normally be from measuring the fetus, the so-called crown-rump length (CRL) at this stage. Did she just measure the gestational sac; if so; why? I am sorry I cannot be of more help but you can see why I feel unable to be more illuminating.  

Coming off cocaine in pregnancy

Question:  My girlfriend is about 21 weeks pregnant and has been using cocaine 2 or 3 times a week. She just stopped using it all together and is so scared and depressed. I told her we need to talk to the doctor about it but she is scared to. I have read many articles about drug use during pregnancy and need more info. Is there a good chance that it wont effect the baby since she has about 4 months to be clean before she has baby? I always think the worst and that the baby is gonna be affected in a horrible way. J.C. (UK)

Answer: Your girlfriend's decision to stop using cocaine is the correct one and she needs to be encouraged to stick by it. It is not possible to state with absolute confidence whether the baby may have already been affected in some way by her use of the drug earlier on in pregnancy. However, by quitting, she has virtually eliminated the most feared risks which are miscarriage, placental abruption, prematurity, stillbirth and later on, cot-death.

Fetus passing wind in the womb

Question: Is it possible for a baby to pass wind while it is still in the womb? - I know it can have hiccups S.P. (UK)

Answer: Wind is a result of bacterial action in the gut. The gut of a fetus is not yet colonised whilst in the womb so wind cannot be formed or passed.

Dropping pregnancy hormone level in early pregnancy

Question:  I am around 4-7 weeks pregnant. I have had bleeding and my hormone levels have dropped from 900 to 700.  What does this indicate? D.S. (UK)

Answer: I am afraid that does not sound like good news. Pregnancy hormone levels never drop at that early stage of the pregnancy. When that happens, you are looking at two possible scenarios: An evolving miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy. I am sure an ultrasound scan has been arranged or performed by your hospital. This should further clarify the picture

My dates and scan dates do not match

Question:  Going on last date of period we had an estimated gestation of 12w3days, the day of our first scan but scan came up with 8w1day. This is a big jump back. How accurate are theses scans as if i count back it means i did my positive pregnancy test 5 days before i fell pregnant. I’m confused is this normal for such a big difference or should i be worried about the growth of my baby... Please be honest, and put my mind at rest. G. (UK)

Answer: Scans are very accurate at estimating gestation if performed so early in pregnancy. The margin of error should be no more than 3 days or so in the first trimester. If your scan estimated the gestation as 8weeks+1day, it means you are very unlikely to be more than eight and a half weeks at most. You will also be aware that this means you conceived about 6 weeks ago because the estimated gestation adds two weeks to your actual date of conception.

If you had a positive pregnancy test which makes you over 12 weeks, that was almost certainly a false positive test. You will have conceived in the next cycle, four weeks later. That seems to tie in with this apparent discrepancy.

Regarding possible problem with growth, that is also very unlikely. Growth restriction rarely ever manifests itself at such an early stage of pregnancy.

In any case, I would advise that you contact your doctor to request a growth scan in about 4 weeks. This should help give clarity and settle any anxiety on your part which I concede is inevitable. I am sure such a request will be treated sympathetically.

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A pregnancy scan at six weeks will show a fetal pole with a measurable crown-rump length (CRL). Fetal heart pulsation is also visible