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Risk of pregnancy after being sterilised

Question:  could i be pregnant if both my partner and myself have been sterilised? V. (UK)

Answer: Even though it is extremely unlikely to happen, it is not impossible to conceive after sterilisation for both of you. Remember, there is no foolproof sterilisation method. The failure rate of a vasectomy is around 1 in 2,000 while for female sterilisation, it is a bit higher at around 1 in 500.

Persistent hiccups during pregnancy

Question:  is there anything to be done for chronic debilitating hiccups - that interfere with work, sleep etc - during pregnancy - my daughter is 4 and a half month pregnant and is desperate for relief. K. (USA)

Answer: Hiccups are not a normal  feature of pregnancy. It is therefore imperative that, if an expectant mother experiences persistent hiccups, the cause is properly investigated. If this has been done and nothing specific identified, acupuncture may be the safest effective avenue to explore. Antispasmodic medication such as Baclofen (Kemstro) are effective but the safety of their use in pregnancy is not  certain so they should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Breech position in mid-pregnancy

Question:  I am at 24 weeks. I recently got my ultrasound done and learnt that my baby boy is in a breech position. Although my OB is not concerned about that just yet, I AM!! My question is: will my baby remain in this position until the end of my pregnancy? WHat measures can I take from this point on to ensure that he will have his head down? Thanks. T.V. (USA)

Answer: Your obstetrician is completely right. The position of the baby at such a relatively early stage of pregnancy is of no relevance whatsoever. It has no predictive value as to what position the baby will be in at Term. Even if this scan had shown the head to be the leading part, it could still be breech at Term.

You really don't need to worry. As to what you should do to ensure the baby is not breech at Term, the answer is nothing. The mother cannot influence this. More important though is the fact that you don't need to. The balance of probabilities means your baby is much more likely to be leading with the hcomplete breechead come delivery time.

I have an unwanted unplanned pregnancy

Question: I found out am pregnant- with only few days delay- but i already have 2 children to raise, which my husband and I have decided are enough.  What can I do abort? Is there drugs I can take???  Please help - thank you very much. H. (Tunisia)

Answer: I am sorry to hear of your difficult current circumstances. I am not sure what the policy is in your country regarding pregnancy termination. If it is legal, then you need to see your doctor promptly and there is medication you can take which, in most cases, will achieve abortion of an early pregnancy within 48 -72 hours. However, if there is no provision for legal pregnancy termination in your country, things are much more difficult. I would certainly not advocate anything that will be illegal which, significantly, could also be unsafe for your health (think of those two children). I hope you will find a speedy solution acceptable to you.

Are these early pregnancy symptoms?

Question:  I am trying to get pregnant and felt very sick but have had a negative pregnancy test. My period is not due for a week. E. (UK)

Answer: It seems like you have done the pregnancy test rather early. I would advise that  if your period does not arrive when expected, you should do the test then. Make it at least three days after your period was due. In any case, the nausea you felt is probably not due to pregnancy because it would have been far too early for pregnancy symptoms to appear.

‘Gestational sac’ in a phantom pregnancy

Question:  Does the sac grow when you are having a phantom pregnancy? D.M. (UK)

Answer: There is no gestational sac in a phantom pregnancy. The womb itself remains normal sized.

Cannabis use during pregnancy and risk to the baby

Question:  What are the chances of the baby becoming a drug addict if the mother smoked cannabis during pregnancy? B. (South Africa)

Answer: There is no evidence of increased risk of drug-dependence on the off-spring of a mother who abused cannabis during pregnancy. Other important issues a mother who is using cannabis during pregnancy needs to be aware of are discussed here: These include risk of growth restriction, possible fetal malformations, cognitive developmental delay and others.

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Baby in breech or any other position in early or mid-pregnancy has little, if any, clinical significance