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Methydopa and vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

Question: Could medication like methyldopa cause vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy? E.M. (UK)

Answer: Methyl-dopa is a safe anti-hypertensive to use in pregnancy. Its use may not be ideal in the presence of active liver disease. There is no evidence of its being associated with bleeding at any stage of pregnancy.

Probably a false positive pregnancy test

Question:  I missed my period for 10 days. Within that period,I had 5 preg test with result with faint positive line. On top of that, I also had very light bleeding which after that slowly become more like menses. Every time I did a heavy work or carry heavy things,there’s light blood and slowly become a lot like menses.The discharge this time was a lot and extremely painful until I need pain killers. I felt that a load was trying to get out of my vaginal until the clots that I mentioned came out then its relieved.At one time, there are lots of something like clots discharging.Im so confuse.Pls help what do I need to do & why is it result with faint positive line?If its early miscarriage,do I need to do a clean up?? R. (Singapore)

Answer: It is difficult to be certain but the picture you paint is pointing more towards a delayed period following a cycle in which you had not ovulated. You see, when you don’t ovulate and if you are not on the pill, what could happen is that the lining of the womb builds up to a thicker than normal level. The period could be delayed for up to two weeks. Sometimes this is followed up by a heavy and painful period. Sometimes there are abdominal cramps and passage of clots and a piece of tissue, the so-called ‘endometrial cast’. The clinical picture can vary considerably.

Five pregnancy tests that are no more than faintly positive make me think it is unlikely you have been pregnant. However, I cannot rule that out completely. It is still possible that you have been pregnant and the pregnancy failed very early on, probably under 5 weeks. That will tally with your dates and explain many of the symptoms you describe. There is also an outside possibility of an ectopic pregnancy but that is the least likely of the possibilities. Do you need a “clean up?” My view is you don’t. However, if the symptoms persist, especially the painful bleeding, see your doctor for a possible pelvic ultrasound scan.

Methadone in pregnancy: To wean off or not

Question:  I am currently on 2 mls of methadone, but i don’t want my baby addicted to it. I have 7 weeks left but i am trying to stop this all together, but i am finding it hard. Would the baby be addicted to this amount?. If i was to stop this amount and cope with the withdrawal, would the baby be affected? G. (UK)

Answer: My firm advice is that you should continue using the Methadone. It is such a low dose that, on balance of probability, the withdrawal that your baby will suffer will be minimal. Withdrawal to some degree on the part of your baby is inevitable. You could stop now and get your baby to suffer these symptoms in the womb where nobody can do anything about it or carry on at this quite low dose and avail your baby the necessary help if it is needed once he/she is born. I had go for the latter if I were you. Best wishes.

Looking after the breasts for breast-feeding

Question:  Will breast feeding be affected by excessive pressure on the breast during sex i.e any squeeze or bite causes damage to breast tissues. Please explain. L. (UK)

Answer: It will take a lot of trauma to the breast-tissue to affect its function of milk production. Breast-tissue is very resilient and it is difficult to envisage a situation in normal or even quite vigorous love-making that will have deleterious functional effect. The issue of a bite is of-course a matter of degree. If the bite breaks the skin and goes into the tissue underneath, that could cause quite serious infection (infectious mastitis).  You will need to avoid that.

Anaemia in pregnancy

Question:  Detailed information on Anemia in pregnancy and its prevention. Dr M. (Pakistan)

Answer: we have given a fairly detailed account on the subject of anaemia in pregnancy as can be found here. We have also discussed haemoglobinopathies which could indirectly cause anaemia and that can be found here. I hope you find all you need in those sections.

Trying to conceive

Question:  I am trying to conceive and had a very light period. It is usually 6 days and it only lasted 1 and a half. I did a pregnancy test around 4 in the afternoon once my period had stopped and it was negative. Have you any ideas why my period was so abnormal and what to do from here? Thank you. L. (UK)

Answer: I am not sure I have enough details to give you an informed advice. You say this period was abnormally light and short but was it late? If it was not and this is the time you would have expected a period, then it may be worthwhile repeating the pregnancy test in about a week’s time. It is possible it is too early for the test and you could still be pregnant but can only confirm this in a few days time. On the other hand, it is possible that the period was just that and it has been lighter than normal. That sometimes happens and it does not have much clinical significance.

If you are not pregnant and you have regular cycles and have sex regularly ( 3 or 4 times a week), then just carry on trying. Sometimes it takes a while for conception to take place. This is the reason why, for a young woman under 30, it is advised that you don’t seek medical help for fertility studies unless you have been trying for a year. In that time, the majority of women will conceive. If it does not happen in that time, it may be time to see doctors. Best wishes.

Timing of abdominal cerclage

Question:  can abdominal cerclage be inserted before pregnancy?  N. (UK)

Answer: Not normally. Two main reasons for that. The small size of the cervix at that time will make it technically tricky to get right but more important; inserting a cerclage before conception is taking chances with nature. Remember there is the roughly 25% chance that any pregnancy will end in early miscarriage. Now, if this were to occur when there is already an abdominal cerclage, you will need to manage it surgically through the abdomen and it will involve removing the cerclage and evacuating the uterus vaginally. That will be a messy situation and both physically and psychologically traumatic for the woman. This is why the suture is always inserted after the first trimester.

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