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Scan findings of uncertain significance

Question:  The doctor just called and said that everything is ok but she needs to talk to me about a couple of things regarding the ultrasound from yesterday  should i panic? Y. (USA)

Answer:  I am assuming you are pregnant. It is difficult for me (or anybody other than your doctor) to answer this question in specific terms. Sometimes a pregnancy scan will throw up findings the significance of which is unclear at that point. This may include shadows in the chest or abdomen, cysts in some parts of the brain (choroid plexus) and such like. The doctor will then endeavour to look for known tell-tale signs of specific conditions. If these so-called soft-tissue markers are absent, it is correct to say, the scan findings are normal but with a caveat.  I suspect this is the scenario with you.

Your doctor should be able to chat with you on what was found and what that might imply. I really think if your doctor said ‘everything was OK’, you should take her at her word. It is inconceivable that she would say that if things were different. Best wishes in your pregnancy.

Vulval and vaginal varicose veins in pregnancy

Question:  I am pregnant about 36 weeks this is my second pregnancy the problem is i have pain during the night after get in sleep laying on my side i feel an acute vaginal pain which prevents me from getting out of bed or even from turning my sleeping side. By examination we found that i have a dilated vessels in the vagina in the labia majora. Does these dilated vessels prevent me from having a normal delivery or does they have any serious complications? Plz for your kind reply. N. (Yemen)

Answer:  It is clear that you have vulvo-vaginal vericosities. These can cause significant discomfort as you seem to be experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to ease this while you are still pregnant.

However, the varicosities, however bad they may look, do not interfere with normal vaginal delivery and will not cause any complications. In fact, varicosities resolve quite quickly (within days) after the birth. This is because, the main reason they are there is the heavy womb in the pelvis (which impede blood flow from the lower part of the body) and an exaggerated response to the progesterone hormone, both of which will disappear after the birth.

Rhesus Negative blood group.

Question:  is there any pain like contraction in 8 month of pregnancy? What is Rh Negative? R. (Ethiopia)

Answer:  Two different questions there.  Starting with your second question; Rhesus Negative and Rhesus Positive refers to blood groups. Apart from the principal A, B, AB and O blood groups, blood also falls in two major groups. These are the so-called Rhesus Positive and Negative.

The majority of people are Rhesus Positive. Roughly, around 15% of peoplThe Basque people are majority Rhesus Negativee are Rhesus Negative but this proportion varies according to ethnic groups. Only about 5% of people of black African ancestry are Rhesus negative. People of Iceland are 99% Rhesus Positive (i.e. 1% Rhesus Negative) while the majority (more than 50%) of people of the Basque region of Spain are Rhesus Negative, the highest such concentration in the world.

With regard to your first question on contractions at 8 months question, you can find an answer here.

Distinguishing between a Phantom Pregnancy and a blighted ovum

Question:  In a phantom pregnancy would you have a sack in your womb? I have a sack which is in the womb but is very small and there is no sign of a baby. N.B. (France)

Answer:  There is no gestational sac in a phantom pregnancy. Also, the pregnancy test is always negative. If , in your case, there is a definite sac on a scan, then this could be a blighted ovum, also known as an anembryonic pregnancy. You can find details of this here.

Another possibility is an ectopic pregnancy which can be accompanied by a false sac (pseudo-sac) in the womb. The sac in this case tends to be very small and, of course, empty.

I hope your situation will be clarified soon.

It is a threatened miscarriage

Question:  I am 8 weeks pregnant.  One and a half weeks ago I started spotting, I got a little concerned and went to have another ultrasound.  We were unable to hear the heartbeat but there was a very definite pulse, there was no missing it.  I was assured everything was fine.  I continued to spot a little bit more for a week straight so I went back for another ultrasound where we saw a very weak pulse, still not hearing a heartbeat.  The Dr says there is still a chance that everything will be okay but that more than likely I am on my way to miscarriage.  He also says he believes we are off on the dates.  We go back in a week and a half to see what has happened.  Have you ever heard of this happening and if so what do you think I can expect? W.F. (USA)

Answer:  I must admit that the clinical picture here is a cause for some concern. I am more concerned about the continuing vaginal spotting. That, especially in the early trimester, is quite often a warning of possible miscarriage. That is why your doctor correctly termed it a threatened miscarriage.

However, all this needs to be assessed in its proper context. If there was a definite fetal heartbeat on your latest scan, the chances of the pregnancy continuing normally are significantly higher than of it failing. Another thing; it is actually not possible for you to hear the heartbeat at this stage of the pregnancy so that should not have been attempted in the first place.

All said; there is nothing that you or your doctor can do to influence the course of events, and you will need to wait for that interval to have a repeat scan. I sincerely hope it will all turn out alright in the end.

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The Basque people are the only ethnic group in the world known to be majority Rhesus Negative