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Amodiaquine in pregnancy

Question: The use of Amodiaquine in pregnancy; is it safe? M.L. (Nigeria)

Answer: There is no clear information on safety of Amodiaquine in pregnancy. No proper studies are available. Because Amodiaquine on its own and in combination is used mainly to prevent falciparum malaria, safer alternatives are recommended. Because of its mechanism of action, it is strongly recommended to avoid Amodiaquine use in the sensitive first trimester and, if at all possible, throughout pregnancy.

Delayed period and light bleeding

Question: Hi, i was due on last Friday (a week ago) but i never came on.  I seem to bleed a little bit then it stops .

I have bloated belly even when i don’t eat i haven't done a pregnancy test yet but will do one ... I bled today but now it seems to have stopped. I used a towel to see if there was any more bleeding but it seems to have stopped again can you help ?? K. (UK)

Answer: You are very unlikely to know where you are until you do a pregnancy test. That’s unless a proper period arrives. It is not unusual to get a light painless bleed very early on in pregnancy so a pregnancy at this stage cannot be ruled out. Plus, light bleeding could sometimes be an early warning of an ectopic pregnancy. Your first logical step should therefore be to do a pregnancy test. If it is positive, you will need an ultrasound scan to ascertain viability and confirm gestation. If negative, it will most likely mean, you have just had a delayed period, probably due to anovulation.

Itchy nipple

Question: I am not due my period for another week, but for the last couple of weeks i have had an itchy breast around the nipple and my stomach has become quite bloated and feels hard in places when i touch it. I also have a white/greenish discharge. Was just wondering if any of this meant anything. K. (UK)

Answer: The three distinct issues you have mentioned are almost certainly unconnected. A bloated feeling in the later phase of the second half of the cycle is fairly common. It is an effect of the progesterone hormone, levels of which are high during this time. Resolves almost immediately with onset of the period. If the vaginal discharge is offensive and/or persistent, you may wish to arrange for your doctor to investigate that. As for the itchy breast, some women do experience this towards the end of the cycle. However, if this is totally new to you, it may be a skin problem, sometimes as innocuous as mild eczema or dryness. If this does not resolve with the arrival of your period, it will be time for that call to your GP.

Pregnancy after a miscarriage

Question: Is it possible to become pregnant twice within months, even though i haven't had a period in between? S.N. (UK)

Answer: This is a total guess on my part, but did the first pregnancy end in miscarriage? You have not clarified. However, the answer to your question is a definite yes. Whether after a full-term delivery, a miscarriage or a termination of pregnancy, it is possible to conceive again before you have seen resumption of menstrual periods. Normally periods resume after a few weeks but, sometimes, after the end of any pregnancy, there is a gap of a few months before periods resume. If it so happens that, coincidentally, at the first time of ovulation you have sex, this might end in conception and you will then continue to have absence of periods. It will then be impossible to know for sure when you conceived and gestation can only be established by using ultrasound. If you have a positive pregnancy test, this is what you need to arrange.

Unprotected sex and inter-menstrual bleeding

Question: I had unprotected sex then got me periods 4/5 days later. Now 2 weeks after my period I'm having vaginal bleeding. What is causing this? Am I pregnant? N. (Canada)

Answer: It is exceedingly unlikely that you are pregnant. That’s, unless you have had unprotected sex since your last proper period. The sex you had before your period almost certainly did not result in conception. For one thing it was well after the fertile part of the cycle and you had a period after. What you are experiencing is just an episode of inter-menstrual bleeding or ‘breakthrough’ bleeding. This is not uncommon. If it keeps recurring in the coming months, get your doctor to check it out. As for pregnancy right now, no; you are almost certainly not.

Hyperemesis in pregnancy

Question: Hi, from weeks 7-13 i used to throw up each day. After week 13 i stopped throwing up but since week 15 and 3 days i started throwing up again each day. Is this normal? I’m currently 16 weeks pregies. A. (South Africa)

Answer: I’m afraid that kind of pattern is not abnormal. It is possible for pregnancy morning sickness (hyperemesis) to ease or stop for several days or even weeks and then start again. When this happens, the tendency is for the symptom to continue throughout pregnancy. That’s not always the case of-course but you need to be aware of the possibility. The other possibility that needs to be ruled out is an coincidental unrelated problem such as a stomach bug, usually viral. However, with this, you tend to have other accompanying symptoms. These may include abdominal pain, diarrhoea and even a raised temperature.

Bleeding in early pregnancy

Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant an i have been bleeding for 4 days but i still have a positive pregnancy test. V. (UK)

Answer: This type of bleeding is always regarded as a sign of threatened miscarriage until proved otherwise. It is also regarded as an emergency. You should therefore contact your doctor to have an urgent ultrasound scan organised at your local hospital to see what is going on. A pregnancy test tends to remain positive for sometime even after a miscarriage has taken place. It should therefore not be taken to mean pregnancy viability. Only a scan at this stage can confirm that.

Contact with chicken-pox during pregnancy

Question: I am 23 week pregnant; my child age 4½ years got chickenpox. Will that effect me or my unborn child although i had chicken pox in my childhood? if so,what safety measures can I take? Thanks for your kind attention. S. (Ireland)

Answer: If you are sure you had chicken-pox during childhood, you have nothing to worry about. Immunity following this infection tends to be life-long. The antibodies you have will also protect your unborn baby. No measures are therefore required on your part. You can relax, nurse your child and enjoy your pregnancy. You are safe.

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