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Recurrence of molar pregnancy

Question:  Does molar pregnancy happen again to the person who was had it before? I am also wondering if molar pregnancy can cause infertility? T. (Malaysia)

Answer: Yes, molar pregnancy can recur but this is relatively rare being in the order of around 1.2%. This means, approximately 99% of women with a history of a molar pregnancy will not have that happening again.

Regarding the second part of your question, molar pregnancy does not affect your subsequent fertility at all. Even if treatment for the mole required chemotherapy, usually in the form of medication called Methotrexate, that too should not adversely affect your fertility. However, in the case of using Methotrexate, you are normally advised to wait for three months before trying to conceive again.

Stomach ‘bubble’ on pregnancy ultrasound

Question:  My wife is just over 19 weeks pregnant. We had the ultrasound done and were overjoyed when we found out we were having a boy :) Concern/question is....We gota call from doc saying he wanted to do another ultrasound 3 weeks from last appointment. When pressed, he said the "bubble" or stomach could not CLEARLY be seen. Said should be no reason to worry, but is this normal? Is this like looking for a thumb and finding out later he was just hiding it in his mouth? Kinda concerned on this one...any  feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers. T. (Canada)

Answer: There are many known causes of an absent (or even smaller than normal) stomach bubble. Many of these are quite uncommon, even rare. What is most important, and I suspect this is what your doctor was alluding to when he said "not to worry", is that if this feature is seen in isolation, it almost invariably means the baby is OK. If, indeed this was the case on your baby's detailed scan, it is perfectly justified for your doctor to reassure you.

However, presence of additional soft tissue abnormalities, especially of the upper gut (oesophagus) and/ or urinary tract does change the picture and prognosis considerably.

In any case, following such a finding, it is standard practise to repeat the scan 2 - 4 weeks later to ensure nothing has been missed. It also tends to be reassuring as, in most cases, the bubble will be visible this second time around. I hope that is of some help and best wishes.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) in pregnancy

Question:  My wife has taken metronidazole (four tabs) and Amoxicilin (six tabs) during her root canal therapy during second week of June without knowing that she is pregnant. Now she is found to be pregnant by five weeeks.Is the foetus safe? Whether we should continue with the pregnancy.How far it is safe?

Answer: There is a theoretical risk of possible harm to the fetus from using Metronidazole in early pregnancy but this has not been borne out by experience. Proper large scientific studies have not shown harm. In practise, it is therefore deemed to be quite safe. Amoxicillin, like all other forms of Penicillin, is completely safe at any stage of pregnancy. I see absolutely no reason not to continue with the pregnancy in your wife's case.

Cord prolapse recurrence

Question: With my second child I had a cord prolapse it was really scary and I was just wondering what the chances of it happening again are! J.D. (UK)

Answer: Recurrence of cord prolapse is pretty rare. Remember, in virtually all cases of cord prolapse, the predisposing conditions such as excessive fluid, abnormal lie of the baby etc. are unique to that particular pregnancy. There is no such thing as a particular woman being prone to cord prolapse. On a balance of probability, it is fair to say you can and should rest easy.

Best time for conception in the monthly cycle

Question: I am trying to get pregnant. When am I most likely to get pregnant? O. (Nigeria)

Answer: If you have a regular menstrual cycle, working out the most fertile part of the cycle is pretty easy. If your cycle lasts an average of 28 days, mid-cycle is when you ovulate (release an egg). You count from the first day of your period as Day 1 of the cycle. Sexual intercourse should be concentrated around Day 14. Ideally you should have sex daily from Day 11 through to Day 16. You are, then, most likely to get the timing right. If your cycle is longer or shorter than the 28 days, adjust the timing accordingly.

Mid-cycle is the time when conception is most likely to take place. If you have a long cycle of, let’s say 35 days, the fertile period will be a week later.

Menstrual Cycle