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Questions sent in by Pregnancy-Bliss visitors are answered here

Using Zolpidem in pregnancy

Question: What advice would you give?  I have just found out I am pregnant, but have been overusing Zolpidem (during the two weeks from ovulation until the time of my missed period)? C. (UK)

Answer: Zolpidem, (also known by such brand names as Ambien, Nytamel etc.) is not known to cause any adverse effect on the baby if used in pregnancy. There is no actual data on confirmed safety and therefore the standard advice is to avoid during pregnancy. However, studies done on animals showed no adverse effects and where it has been used in humans, no cases of adverse effects on the pregnancy or the baby have been reported.

I don’t know what you mean exactly by “overusing” but with the available information, it is reasonable for you to relax about the whole thing.

Testing for anti-phospholipid syndrome

Question: I have had 2 miscarriages and my GP suggested we check for antiphospholipid syndrome which was negative.  If the test is done once I fall pregnant again, could the outcome be different? D.L. (UK)

Answer: It will be a mistake to try to perform the tests when you are pregnant. Results performed at this time, both negative and positive, are not very reliable. If the tests have been done when you are not pregnant and at least six weeks after the end of any pregnancy (miscarriage or delivery), that is the correct timing. In some cases, it may be reasonable to repeat these tests but, again, if that is done, it has to be while you are not pregnant

Establishing and confirming paternity

Question:  I have a question about the timing of conception. The first day of my last period was **/**/****. My husband and I were actively trying for a baby during that month. My cycle was a little irregular - varying from 28 days to about 35 days. I foolishly had intercourse with another man on */**/**** (around the time I was expecting my period to start). We used a condom. I had some slight bleeding after this, and when I did a pregnancy test 3 days later I discovered I was pregnant. Is there any chance the baby could be the result of the intercourse I had with the other man, or would that have been too late? I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy now, and I'm dreading the fact that it might not be my husbands child. Please help put my mind at rest. Many thanks.

Answer: If the chronology of events you have given is correct, there is absolutely no chance that sex you had with the second man could have resulted in the pregnancy. Let me explain:

When conception takes place, the fertilised egg is outside the womb. It takes approximately a week for this fertilized egg to make its way through the tube to implant in the womb. You cannot have a positive Pregnancy test before implantation has taken place. In other words, if you had a positive test three days after the sexual intercourse with the second man, it means you were already pregnant and had conceived at least a week earlier than that, and realistically, probably two weeks or thereabouts before.

Age and anaemia in pregnancy

Question: is there any association between age and anaemia in pregnancy? E.K. (Kenya)

Answer: There is no direct association between age and anaemia in pregnancy. In other words, neither the very young nor the relatively older expectant mothers will be any more prone to anaemia in pregnancy when compared to the 'average' woman. Factors that increase the risk of anaemia in pregnancy are discussed in more detail here: Age is not one of them.

Tae Bo after caesarean section

Question: Is it safe for a woman like me who had caesarean section operation to take taebo class? Thank you.. R (Philippines)

Answer: Tae Bo is a fun way of keeping fit. It is safe and not overly strenuous. You have not mentioned when your caesarean section was. However, if it is more than 3 months ago, you can certainly take up Tae Bo quite safely.

Choosing a home birth

Question: Why are women not given the choice of plan home-birth? M.L. (UK)

Answer: Our web-site does not really deal with matters of policy and an answer to such a query can be found elsewhere. However, just as a matter of observation, you will find that home-birth is actively supported in many, if not most parts, of the country (UK). If this is something you are considering, for yourself or a relative, just inquire at your local hospital. You are likely to be pleasantly surprised at how much support is available. In any case, you are given appropriate professional advice as to whether such a plan is suitable and safe for you.

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Zolpidem is probably safe in pregnancy

There are no known adverse effects from the use of Zolpidem in pregnancy

Pregnancy Test

A positive pregnancy test means conception had taken place over a week previously.

Postnatal Tae Bo? Yes; by all means. After a caesarean section, make sure the wounds are fully healed meaning you need to give it around 3 months.