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Ectopic pregnancy spontaneous resolution

Question: I had a six weeks miscarriage last week and my symptoms were those of ectopic pregnancy, pain on one side of my abdomen and after two weeks of missed period.  It ending up just like normal period but heavier and more painful but it seems to be clearing now. My question is could ectopic pregnancy clear by itself without any medical help and do I still need to see the doctor?   please help, thanks. J.K. (UK)

Answer: I am sorry to hear of your pregnancy loss. Even though the symptoms were quite suggestive, it is not necessarily the case that yours was an ectopic pregnancy. It is also true that an ectopic pregnancy can resolve spontaneously through what is known as a tubal abortion. If bleeding inside the pelvis is limited, the symptoms may not be too pronounced and will quickly resolve.

In your case, if symptoms have now resolved, you can safely rest easy. However, as an extra insurance, it may be worthwhile to perform a pregnancy test. This should have reverted to negative by now. If this is positive, you should see your doctor promptly.

Effects of Down’s syndrome

Question: Severity of Down’s syndrome. A. (UK)

Answer: Your question was very brief and it wasn't clear to me what you wanted to know. If you want to know the degree of learning disability of a Down's syndrome individual then it is that most will have a mental age of a five year old into their adulthood. Physically, a significant proportion of these children will be born with cardiac (heart) defects, some of them quite major.

How soon does the Pregnancy test become positive?

Question: I had sex on the 10th using the withdrawal method and this was only a week  after my period. The following weekend I noticed a slight queasiness, change in the appearance of my nipples darker, larger, a little bumpy. During last week I had bad cramps, nausea, dizzy/tired spells, and a more than usual amount of milky discharge. However I did a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. Shouldn't it have shown by now if I were pregnant (I'm not due for another period until early next month)? Is there a chance I could still be? And if not what else could explain these symptoms? L. (UK)

Answer: While it is possible to get a positive pregnancy test two weeks after conception takes place, it is virtually impossible to have pregnancy symptoms such as the ones you describe so early after conception is supposed to have taken place. I cannot say that you are not pregnant but I can confidently say the symptoms you have felt are not due to pregnancy unless you conceived before that sex act on the 10th. In any case, you should have clarity any time now as your period is supposed to be due.

Pulmonary embolism in pregnancy

Question: What causes pulmonary embolism in pregnancy - can it be overproduction of vitamin K? If so, why does this happen? M.W. (UK)

Answer: During pregnancy there is increased production of the clotting factors (not Vitamin K) in the blood. That is a normal physiological change. This combined with a more sluggish blood flow increases the probability of clot formation especially in the lower limbs. You will, ofcourse, know that when such a clot is dislodged, it could end up the lungs hence the pulmonary embolism. There are individuals with conditions such as Thrombophilia syndrome who are at increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT) anyway. The risk of DVT and possible pulmonary embolism complication is increased further by pregnancy. Pulmonary embolism (PE) in pregnancy is discussed in more detail here:

Problems after spinal block

Question:  I had c-section 3½ month ago using spinal block. After 20-30 days following the delivery i have pain in my arms especially it was like vein stretch, the vain from which we count pulse. That is quite better now but sometimes it start again.  I also get pain and numbness in my feet and i feel difficulty when i get up from sleep and try to walk but it get better after some time. If i stand up for 20-30 min, i go for walk there is always pain in my feet. I also feel heaviness in my feet. Is it normal , will go away with the pass of time? Thanks. S. (USA)

Answer: A spinal block does not and should not give you any lingering symptoms such as the ones you describe. I can understand your blaming these on the spinal but it is almost certainly not responsible. If these symptoms are persisting, I would suggest that you see your doctor to investigate and establish the real cause.

Macrobid and Cipro use in pregnancy

Question: My wife is 8 weeks pregnant now and suffering with Urinary tract infection right from the begining of pregnancy. Doctors prescribed Cipro antibiotics during second week of pregnancy and now she is using Macrobid. Is there any harm to the baby because of these antibiotics?   Could you please give me some suggestions?  S (Canada)

Answer: The use of Cipro (the generic name of which is Ciprofloxacin) in pregnancy is discouraged but not absolutely contra-indicated. This is because animal studies have shown interference in joints development. However, there has been numerous studies on women who have used this antibiotic during pregnancy and no adverse effects on their babies have been observed. The general policy therefore is to use only where absolutely necessary.

Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin) is perfectly safe to use in pregnancy. It does not actually reach the baby. The only caution is the end of pregnancy especially if the mother is planning to breast-feed. This antibiotic does pass into breast milk and a breast-fed baby can be harmed by it.

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Ciprofloxacin safety in pregnancy cannot be guaranteed

Ciprofloxacin is best avoided in pregnancy because of lingering uncertainty about safety. Inadvertent use, however, is no cause for panic.