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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Male partner taking antibiotics; can this harm the fetus?

Question:  Can a man under antibiotics medication have sex with pregnant woman without harming the foetus? R. (Nigeria)

Answer: A male partner taking antibiotics of any kind cannot harm the baby in the womb. It is perfectly safe for him to have sex with his pregnant partner

Delayed period or threatened miscarriage?

Question:  We are trying for a family. My last period was 15 April -18 Apr. We tried to conceive during 29 April -1 May when egg got ruptured (ovulation). Next period was due on  the 12th. However today on 16th morning i had some bleeding and had lower abdomen pain last night. Does this mean i am not pregnant? Please advise. N. (India)

Answer: Difficult to say. You might be pregnant and this is a threatened miscarriage. Alternatively, it is possible you did not conceive and this is merely a start of a normal period, albeit slightly delayed. You did not say how regular your periods are normally. If the manner of the bleeding you are having is not typical of your menstrual bleeding, your next logical step is to do a urine pregnancy test. Modern kits are quite sensitive and at around 5 weeks (which is where you ought to be now), if you are pregnant, this will be positive. An ultrasound scan is really not an option at this stage as it is too early. Your other option is to wait and see how this bleeding evolves over the next 5 - 7 days. Best wishes.

Having sex during pregnancy

Question:  I am 4 months pregnant. I still enjoy sex but traditional sex position is no longer convenient, please what position can I try that will be more convenient. B. (Nigeria)

Answer: A pregnant woman can and should be able to continue enjoying a full and fulfilling sex life. I take it by ‘traditional sex position’ you are referring to the male on top, the so-called missionary position. Well; you certainly don’t have to be limited by this. As the pregnant abdomen gets bigger this becomes less and less tenable and may actually be harmful,Male partner on antibiotics, sex during pregnancy especially so in late pregnancy. There are many positions that will allow you to have satisfying sex. Most of these involve the man being behind you. You could be on your knees or both of you could lie on your left side with him behind you. Another favourite position during pregnancy is when the man lies on his back and you go on top in a sitting position. Because of the nature of the subject, I am sorry I am not able to include images here.

How soon should I do a pregnancy test?

Question: On April 18,2010-April 24,2010 I had my regular period. Starting on May 1, 2010, my boyfriend and I began having unprotected sex. I am not 100% sure if I may be pregnant or not I took one test but it said negative but it might have been too early. I’m supposed to get my next period on the 18th of this month but on the 13th I started bleeding but it wasn't my period cause the blooPregnancy Testd was a brownish pinkish reddish color. Could that have been old blood which could cause implantation which means that I am pregnant? Cause starting last week I started gettin pregnancy symptoms really bad. T.C. (USA)

Answer: Could you be pregnant? The truth is, I don’t know but, you should be able to find out for sure in the next couple of days, based on your dates. Your calculations imply that your cycles are around 30 days. By this, the timing of your trying to conceive was correct. Doing the pregnancy test when you did it was clearly not right as, by any standards, that was far too early. In fact, it is around now at about 4 weeks since your last period (and about 2 weeks since the conception - if it happened) that you would expect the most sensitive urine tests to become positive.

I cannot really comment on the ‘pregnancy symptoms’ that you alluded to because you did not say which ones those are. However, that light vaginal bleed starting on the 13th does concern me. On balance, that will tend to imply that a viable pregnancy is unlikely to be there. However, as I said earlier, the best thing for you is to get clarity via a properly timed pregnancy test and the next couple of days will be just right.

Surgery under general anaesthetic in early pregnancy

Question:  I have just found out I am pregnant about 5 weeks (I think). I had an operation 3 weeks ago under GA. Will this have caused problems for the baby as I didn’t know I was pregnant. J.W. (UK)

Answer: The drugs used for a general anaesthetic are, on the whole, safe for the baby in the womb. The only issue of concern tends to be the small risk of miscarriage.

However, this risk is only in the immediate period after the anaesthetic or surgery, certainly not beyond 48 hours after. Seeing as your surgery was 3 weeks ago, the risk to your baby in the womb has well and truly passed. Let me also add this: If your assumption of the gestation being 5 weeks is correct, it means you conceived around the same time you had surgery (the night before?) which would mean there was no implanted pregnancy and therefore the risk was zero.  

Dealing with a threatened miscarriage

Question:   I’m in the early stages of pregnancy 4 to 5 weeks at most. I feel fine just the usual feeling of pregnancy. Last night i had a tiny discharge of a diluted blood stain. i haven’t had it since. I have my dating scan on Wednesday. What I’m really asking is I’ve got 3 other kids i i don’t want to be waiting in the hospital for hours. If it is a miscarriage there’s nothing they can do anyway is there? Couldn’t i just wait until Wednesday? A.L. (UK)

Answer: Of course you can wait till Wednesday which is less than two days away. If the vaginal bleeding was that light and it has not continued and you are still having the expected pregnancy symptoms, this is clinically a threatened miscarriage. You are completely right in saying, in such circumstances, nothing can be done. It is a matter of wait and see. Other much less likely diagnoses would include a non-viable pregnancy and even an ectopic pregnancy. If there are no ongoing symptoms, your preferred course of action which is to wait for your scheduled scan in two days time is perfectly reasonable.