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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Pantomicina500Es use in pregnancy

Question:  I’m pregnant and I have chlamydia.  Can I use Pantomicina500E.S.? This medicine harmless drug for baby? M. (Latvia)

Answer: Pantomicina is a brand name for the antibiotic more popularly known by its generic name which is Erythromycin. This antibiotic is safe to use in pregnancy and will not harm the baby in the womb.

Taking ecstasy in early pregnancy

Question:  I have taken ecstasy regularly when clubbing which I do every week.

Yesterday I had a pregnancy test that was positive after missing my period  due 5 days ago. I used ecstasy last on Saturday of last week. Will my baby be damaged and what tests can I do to check this? Thanks. L.S. (UK)

Answer: Congratulations on your good news. There is indeed evidence that use of ecstasy in early pregnancy can result in brain damage and behavioural problems on the part of the baby. However, it remains unclear how sustained the use has to be for the damage to occur. There is really no test to check this before the baby is born. I would be of the view that, since you have been exposed to this drug very briefly and you sound like you don’t intend to continue using it now that you know you are pregnant; the risk to your baby should be minimal.

How early can you do a pregnancy test?

Question:  Hi, i wanted to know how early i can take a test because i am a week late for my period; i have all the other symptoms but i have taken two pregnancy test and they were both negative. The thing is I’ve traced back and to the first time me and my partner had sex and if i am pregnant then i would only be around a week and a half. Is that too early for a home test to pick it up? Please contact back soon. Z. (UK)

Answer: I take it form your question that you had sex about 10 days ago which might have resulted in pregnancy. However, if you say you are a week late, it implies that when you had sex, it was only three days from when your period was expected. If I am right in those two assumptions it means you are unlikely to be pregnant. That is, unless your periods are normally irregular, in which case, these calculations cannot be relied upon. If that is the case, then you should repeat the pregnancy test in about a week, a point at which if you are pregnant, the test should be positive. I need to stress my earlier view that, if you tend to have regular periods, chances that the said sex act resulted in pregnancy are quite small.

Bleeding and abdominal pain in early pregnancy

Question:  I am 8 weeks pregnant having light bleeding with pain that i would describe as like period pains. Why is this and what should i do? A.D. (Ireland)

Answer: This is a classic description of a threatened miscarriage. You need to contact your GP or local hospital promptly for an ultrasound scan. This should be done straight away and the purpose is to establish what is going on as well as fetal viability. In the majority of cases, such a scan will return reassuring results. I hope all is well and my best wishes.

Premature labour and delivery

Question:  Hi, I got premature labour at 27½ weeks of pregnancy which resulted in premature birth and my baby passed away on same day after about 8 hours. I had attended clinic just 3 days before the incident and all was fine. What could have caused this because 3 months down the line the trauma is still so fresh. When could I be safe to conceive again? K. (Kenya)

Answer: Loss of a baby is always extremely traumatic and even though time may numb the pain, it never really goes away. My heart goes out to you. You may be aware that, in the majority of cases of preterm labour, the cause is never established. Presumably when you were reviewed at the antenatal clinic three days before the event, there was no evidence of anything amiss. This, unfortunately, is the common presentation of preterm delivery.

You have not mentioned your age and whether this was your first baby or whether you have had successful term deliveries in the past. You have also not given us the birth weight of the baby. Such information is useful in giving informed advice on what to expect in the future. At almost 28 weeks, the weight will be expected to be in the range of 875 to 1000 grams. If he/she was significantly below this, it may signify something wrong with the baby or the placenta. A significantly higher weight may also be a sign of conditions such as diabetes. If everything was as expected and tests have not shown evidence of infection (including that of the urinary tract), it will be safe to assume this was a one off non-recurrent tragic event. In any case, because of this history, your subsequent pregnancy will and should be classified as high risk and close monitoring adopted. Three months on, your body is ready for another pregnancy and when you are psychologically ready to try again, go ahead. My very best wishes for the future.

Absent early pregnancy symptoms

Question:  I am 8 weeks pregnant and i have no morning sickness or even queasiness. Is this normal or a sign that there is something wrong? L.G. (Ireland)

Answer: It is by no means unusual for some women to have no pregnancy symptoms other than missed periods in early pregnancy. That may be what is going on with you. However, if you have symptoms such as vaginal spotting or a brown discharge, that calls for an imaging investigation (ultrasound scan) to confirm pregnancy viability. Again, it is important to stress that not all women get those common symptoms of nausea and/or vomiting in early pregnancy.

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