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Reduced amniotic fluid

Question:  I am about 31 weeks. recently when i had a scan test. i received a report that my amniotic fluid level is about 8cm so the doctor advice me to take rl drips 2 bottle and austim 1 bottle for about 10 days but still my fluid level has not increased. It has reduced to 4.5cm so she advice me to take drips for 7 days more and to have note over the movement of the baby often. Can you please suggest me some tips to increase my fluid level? T.E. (India)

Answer: This is all very worrying for you. I’m afraid I am going to contradict the advice that you appear to be getting from your doctor.

Taking fluids of any kind be it orally or through the intravenous route will have absolutely no influence on the amniotic fluid volume. Having drips etc will have zero impact on the level of amniotic fluid. The bottom line is that you cannot do anything (nor can anybody else) to increase amniotic fluid volume. The role of the doctor is to try to establish the possible cause of reduced amniotic fluid. This is not always possible. Much more important is to closely monitor fetal well-being. If there is continuing signs of possible fetal compromise, it may be necessary to deliver the baby early, sometimes by caesarean section.  Apart from measuring fluid volume, I would want to think, the baby’s growth has also been assessed. If this appears stagnant, that will be a cause for real concern. I hope it works out well for you and your baby.

Pregnancy symptoms with negative pregnancy test

Question: I have never conceived before, however, I had sex last in early June. Since then, I have my regular periods but I noticed they last shorter than usual. I usual have 4 days period, but now all I get is 2 days, at most 2.5. the last one came on Monday the 21st. I have constant stomach ache, checked my weight this morning and was surprised I jumped from my normal 60-62kg to a whooping 70 kg. I have almost constant headache. I complained to my partner few days ago that my boobs are kinda bigger. I took pregnancy test and it is negative. So I really don’t know. I get signs of pregnancy and signs of no pregnancy at the same time. Any help will be appreciated. L (UK)

Answer: Let’s cut to the chase here. I really don’t think you are pregnant. You are continuing to have periods albeit lighter and shorter and the pregnancy test is negative. The symptoms you have described are almost certainly nothing to do with pregnancy. I would strongly suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor promptly to find out what is going on. Please do not ignore the symptoms.

Lying on your side during pregnancy

Question:  Is it ok to lay on your sides while sleeping, while pregnant? L.C. (USA)

Answer: it is in fact specifically encouraged that a pregnant woman lies on her side when pregnant. It does not matter so much during early pregnancy as the uterus is not that heavy. After the half way mark ( over 20 weeks), it is important to avoid lying on your back as the heavy uterus compresses the major abdominal organs thereby impeding normal blood flow. This can even have a negative impact on the blood supply to the womb and ultimately the baby. If you have to lie on your back, then assume a propped up position.Lie on your side when pregnant

Recurrent miscarriages after successful term pregnancies

Question:  I have a 10 year old and a 3 year old and am desperately trying for another. Have had 3 miscarriages in the last 9 months, Why?? N.L. (UK)

Answer: That must be hard to take. From the brief details it appears the miscarriages you have suffered in the last year have all been in the early trimester. You have not said how old you are and whether there has been a change of partner since your two deliveries. If you are relatively young (under 35) and are with the same partner, it will almost certainly just be pure coincidence.

In such a situation, chances are still well above average that you will be successful if you keep trying. If, however, there is a new partner, there could be a genetic component to this. Advanced maternal age can also be associated with multiple miscarriages, sometimes consecutively like this.

Twins in different sacs: Identical or not?

Question:  Was just wondering my daughter has been told she is having twins. She’s around 8 week, she has been told they are in separate sacs. Does this mean they are not identical?  Hope you can help. Many thanks. J.G. (UK)

Answer: This is a common misconception. Identical twins can share a sac (uncommon), can have separate sacs but share a placenta (not so uncommon) and can be in two different sacs and have separate placentas. How identical twins end up in any particular presentation depends on the timing of the division of the fertilised egg. All this is explained here. Of course non-identical twins always have separate sacs and placentas. This means, if a scan shows twins with separate sacs and separate placentas, they could be either type. If your daughter’s twins have a single placenta then they are definitely identical. If they have separate placentas, they could be either. If they turn out to be the same sex, something that won’t be known for several more weeks yet, it may not be possible to know for sure until the birth.

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Avoid lying flat on your back during pregnancy