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Could I be pregnant?

Question:  I had intercourse 2-3 weeks ago , with my partner thought I may be pregnant as no contraceptive was used. I did a test 2 days ago it was negative, the day before my period was due. I have since had slight bleeding about 1 drop per day for the last 2 days, it seems like a strange period if that is what it is. Could i still be pregnant? A.D. (UK)

Answer: Of-course you could still be pregnant. Then again, that may just have been an unusually light period that sometimes happens. Not all pregnancy test kits are sensitive enough to detect a pregnancy on the eve of the date a period was due.

On a practical level, I would advise that you repeat the pregnancy test about a week after the date when you saw this light bleed. At that stage, practically every test would be positive (if there is an ongoing pregnancy). If this repeat test is negative again, you can be pretty sure you are not pregnant.

Signs and symptoms of impending labour

Question:  I am 40 weeks pregnant and have been losing a clear jellylike discharge and was just wondering if this could be a show although there isn't any blood in it and I have been getting persistent lower back ache for 3 days now. Am I in the early stages of labour? A (UK)

Answer: Low backache is a very non-specific and fairly common symptom. It cannot be reliably used to predict impending labour. It is possible that what you are describing (the “jelly-like discharge”) is a show. While a show could have streaks of blood, this is by no means always the case. If this is a 'show’, you should have contractions starting soon, almost certainly within the next 48-72 hours.

Pregnancy with a negative pregnancy test?

Question:  my last normal period was 4 months ago, I took a pregnancy test two months ago. When I missed my period again i went to the doctors and they did a pregnancy test also which was negative. I was wondering if i could still be pregnant because lately i have been feeling what seems like the "fluttering movements" in my stomach but i am able to sleep on my stomach. Can u help me? B (USA)

Answer: The easiest and most reliable way to settle this question is to have an ultrasound scan. However, I have to say, if a pregnancy test was negative 2 months ago and is still negative now, the chances that you could be pregnant are negligible. True fetal movements are not felt before about 18 weeks of pregnancy at the earliest. I would not expect you to have felt the movements even if you were pregnant. What you are feeling is probably of bowel origin.

In any case, any uncharacteristic unexplained absence of periods for that length of time needs to be investigated so a visit to the doctor is clearly called for here.

Early pregnancy, ectopic or not pregnant?

Question:  I did a pregnancy test 2 days ago, there was a faint line showing the test to be positive but i started bleeding last night and I am still bleeding now. There aren't any clots; what could this be? i know it isn't an ectopic pregnancy as i have already had one before and there is no pain. L (UK)

Answer  The picture you describe is suggestive of a possible early miscarriage. However, there is also the possibility that what you had two days earlier could have been a false positive test result. The latter will mean what you have just experienced is a delayed and heavy period. It is difficult to be certain.

An ectopic pregnancy is unlikely in this case but by no means impossible. You can certainly have an ectopic pregnancy without pain. It will be a mistake, in this case and in the future, to take the absence of pain as a guarantee that the pregnancy is not an ectopic

TB exposure during pregnancy

Question: What are the dangers of working in a hospital where there is tuberculosis when you are 3 months pregnant? E.F. (UK)

Answer: Tuberculosis is an infection of low infectivity. If you are not in repeated direct contact with a patient with the disease, your chances of catching the infection is very negligible to non-existent. In any case, pregnant hospital members of staff are usually not advised to work in infectious disease wards and this is not specific to tuberculosis.

Abnormally shaped cervix in pregnancy

Question:  Should cervix be in a c shape at 7 weeks pregnant with bleeding? M. (UK)

Answer:  Your question is not at all clear so I am unable to help here. However, if you elaborate, I will be happy to answer your question. As a general statement, a C shaped cervix will be abnormal whether you are pregnant or not. Bleeding at 7 weeks gestation is also not normal regardless of the shape of the cervix. I am not sure whether that is of any help to you.

When pregnancy is obvious to other people

Question:  Can a person look at a pregnant woman and know that they are pregnant? Can a pregnant woman have some mild cramping when normal period is supposed to come? S.T. (USA)

Answer:  Before the pregnancy bump is obvious, it is not possible to tell whether a woman is pregnant. In a normal pregnancy with one baby (non-multiple), the bump is not apparent until after 12 weeks of gestation. Before this point, the pregnancy is entirely  within the pelvic cavity.

Once a woman is pregnant, the normal menstrual cycle is completely abolished. There should therefore be no cramps or any other symptoms at the time when her period was due.

Bleeding after sex (post-coital)

Question: Why have i had bleeding after sex? i am 13 weeks and have a history of miscarriages. i have been examined and my cervix is closed but as it is weekend, i cannot have an ultrasound scan till next week. I am extremely worried and anxious. Can you help? S.S. (UK)

Answer:  Post-coital vaginal bleeding is almost always due to local causes. This means, it is due to an inflamed cervix or, more commonly, a cervical ectropion (erosion). These conditions do not at all threaten the pregnancy. If you are not bleeding at other times, I think you  should be alright.

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