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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Cervical incompetence support groups

Comment: My boyfriend's brother and sister-in-law lost their baby at 4 months due to complications due to an incompetent cervix. She speaks French and Spanish only. Do you know of any support groups she could contact in French or Spanish? Many thanks. A. J. (UK)

Answer: Cervical incompetence (cervical weakness) as a cause of pregnancy loss is not particularly common. This does not make the loss any less devastating for affected individuals. However, it means there is inevitable paucity of community or even online based support groups, let alone ones that may cater for those speaking languages other than English. I have tried enquiring through the Royal College in London on your specific enquiry but they could not help. Their suggestion is for her to try to inquire through any medical establishment in France or Spain and these are likely to be in the know, if indeed there are any such groups in the respective countries. Contacts for such establishments can be easily obtained online using a generic search term (e.g. Obstetrics Spain). I’m sorry we couldn’t be of more help but we wish them all the best in the future.

Missed period, then vaginal spotting

Question:  please, i need to have my period on 15th of December, but i couldn't, on the second day i notice a little stain on my pant then on the third day nothing came out i think may be i had conceive but on this the same day when i was trying to urinate something came out like thick blood together whit urine. please what is the meaning of these. W. (Nigeria)

Answer: It is difficult to say whether this is conception or just a missed period, as can happen sometimes. If missing a period or even late periods are an unusual occurrence for you, it may be necessary to perform a pregnancy test to get clarity. If that is not available for you, you may want to wait for another 4 weeks (when another period should be due. If there is still no period, it will be time to see your doctor. In any case, if you have conceived, you may have had pregnancy symptoms by then.

Trying to conceive and B12 deficiency

Question:  we are trying for baby since last 2 years but no result, doctor told me less vitamin b12 in my body, what i have to do now for b12 ? R.K. (UK)

Answer: Vitamin B12 deficiency as a cause of sub-fertility is extremely unusual. If a blood test has shown B12 deficiency, that is a significant  health issue in other respects and your doctor should be able to advise you on what needs to be done. The underlying cause of the deficiency will need to be established and, if appropriate, you may be advised to have regular Vitamin B12 injections. With regard to your so far unsuccessful attempt to conceive, after 2 years of trying, you should be referred to a specialist at your local hospital. My best wishes.

Vaginal spotting in early pregnancy and bed rest

Question:  I am in the 7th week of my second pregnancy. The first was 8 yrs ago. I started spotting since 5 weeks. My doctor advised me complete bed rest for 10 days and gave me some hormonal support. I have been feeling better since then. My question is that will this spotting return once I get back on my feet or has the difficult phase passed? S.P. (India)

Answer: Let  me state absolutely categorically that the bed rest prescribed by your doctor has no benefit whatsoever in a case like yours which is, in effect, a threatened miscarriage. That is old medical practise that has been discredited for many years now. If the vaginal spotting has stopped, it has nothing to do with that enforced bed rest. Whether the “difficult phase” has passed is really difficult to say because it is all dependent on what caused the spotting in the first place. You may be encouraged by the statistics which show that around 90% of threatened miscarriages in the first trimester resolve spontaneously and the pregnancy continues as normal.

Non-viable pregnancy?

Question:  My early pregnancy scan details are as the following on 28.12.11. My LMP was 31.10.11. "Slightly irregular gestational sac seen; gestational sac MSD 19.6 mm corresponding to 6w3d. Good trophoblastic reaction noted. yolk sac measured 2.6 mm. Double bleb sign seen. Tiny fetal pole seen. Cardiac activity not seen. CRL 2.1 mm corresponding to 5w5d."
My doctor says it is highly unlikely to be a viable pregnancy and to repeat the scan after a week. Would like to know the chances of this pregnancy being a viable one. S. (India)

Answer: I’m afraid I agree with your doctor here. The chances of this pregnancy being viable are really not very good at all. Every finding on this scan is out of kilter especially when referenced against your dates. I also agree with the advised measure of having a repeat scan in a week’s time. There is a possibility that events may overtake that plan.

Post-coital bleeding

Question: I have been married since 5 months, it's my sixth month. My age is 32 years, this time my periods were 3 days late and when they finish and I intercourse with my husband and I got blood again. Yesterday after 1 week I intercourse with my husband again and in morning when go to washroom have some light color blood again, is it dangerous? A. (Pakistan)

Answer: It is most likely nothing to be worried about. Since your period is late, it is possible that you have conceived and it may be worthwhile to do a pregnancy test to check whether that is the case. However, much more significant is the described pattern of post-coital bleeding. If this persists, let’s say, in the next 4 weeks or so, I would advise that you see a doctor to be examined. Most cases of post-costal bleeding are due to benign conditions of the cervix such as inflammation, ectropion or polyps. None of these are a cause for concern but it is important to rule out other more serious problems.