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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Surrogacy in Canada

Question: I've just come across your website and i would be really happy if you could help me. I've had 4 ICSI and i just couldn't get pregnant so i started considering the issue of surrogacy. I've read that in Canada there is possibility of altruistic surrogacy, so how can i contact centres or clinics that take in charge such issues? M.. (Tunisia)

Answer: There are two issues to consider here. Your assisted conception has taken the form of ICSI which indicates  to me that the problem is on your partner’s side. If  this is indeed the case, you need to look carefully at the perceived advantage that a surrogacy arrangement is supposed to give you. If there is no identifiable problem with your womb, it may very well mean the embryos created aren’t implanting for some reason. It may mean, for  the same reasons, the embryos may not implant in the surrogate’s womb. Unless there is an identified potential or real problem with your womb, surrogacy may not offer any advantage and may not be the answer.

Coming to the issue of surrogacy in Canada, it is the case that commercial surrogacy is not allowed in Canada. Only altruistic surrogacy is legal. However, this does not mean it is any less expensive. Because the altruistic options involves an arrangement whereby prospective parents pay the surrogate’s expenses, these can amount to a considerable sum of money, easily topping 40-50 thousand dollars. Speaking of Canada specifically, you should also be aware that the surrogate mother can decide to keep the baby and her right to do so is protected in the law provided she makes this decision within 30 days of the birth.

By the very nature of the arrangement, altruistic surrogacy is more difficult to arrange especially if you are not a resident of the particular country you wish to pursue this. You therefore need to study this option carefully and get as much information as you can. We do not have verifiable information about any particular service providers in Canada and  cannot therefore recommend any. As mentioned earlier, you need to first ensure surrogacy is the correct route to pursue and then look at all the options available. My best wishes.

Thinking of having a baby at 50

Question:  Is there any help for me I am 50 my husband is 29 could there be a possibility for us t have a child together? MDN (USA)

Answer: At the age of 50, the only realistic possibility of you having a baby is assisted conception in the form of IVF using a donor egg. I don’t really see any possibility of you having a baby using your own eggs. It is unlikely that you are still ovulating and even if you are, that is likely to be extremely erratic. Stimulating your ovaries to harvest your own eggs for IVF is also likely to end in failure or production of low quality and ultimately unusable eggs. It means therefore, if you want to carry the pregnancy yourself, you should be exploring the donor eggs option whereby that can be fertilized using your husband’s sperm and the resulting embryo implanted back into your womb. The process is relatively expensive but costs vary enormously from place to place. You should therefore research what that will cost where you are. Donor egg IVF can also be done abroad and places like Cyprus in Europe are famous for this. My best wishes.

Post-coital bleeding

Question:  i'm having a problem during intercourse that is postcoital bleeding,and this is before and after i got the beginning i thought it may be because my uterus lining is thin but as far as i know the lining becomes thicker during pregnancy and i have been pregnant for 16 weeks now but the bleeding still occur.why dose the spotting happen after intercourse and is there anything can be done to make the uterine lining thicker? A final thing to be mentioned i had an abortion last year after an intercourse,i was in my 11 week . Thanx a lot. G. (Kuwait)

Answer: OK. Let me state from the outset that your assumption is completely on the wrong track. The thickness of the lining of the womb has absolutely nothing to do with post-coital bleeding. If spotting or frank bleeding occurs after intercourse, it is almost always something to do with the cervix. The cervix may be inflamed (cervicitis); there may be a cervical polyp or, more commonly, there may be the benign cervical change called ‘ectropion’ (also called ‘cervical erosion’). In a few cases, it could be a symptom of more serious cervical conditions but this is uncommon.

Conditions higher up in the uterine cavity are not associated with post-coital bleeding. You need to get your doctor to examine you by taking a look at your cervix to identify the source of this spotting and give you clarity as to the cause in your particular case. The examination is perfectly safe even during pregnancy.

Effect of coffee; exercise on chances of conception

Question: Coffee and exercise?I am 28yrs with a child and waiting to conceive. I engage in vigorous exercise and love my coffee. Does coffee and/or exercise affect my chances of conceiving? A. (Nigeria)

Answer: Vigorous is a relative word. It is therefore difficult to objectively say whether your ‘vigorous’ exercising may be having a negative impact on your ability to conceive. It is true, however, that people who engage in sustained heavy exercises will experience disrupted menstrual cycles as their physical activities interfere with ovulation. A major clue that this is happening is the absence of periods. Endurance (such as marathon) runners are a case in point. If your periods remain regular, you are unlikely to be similarly affected. Coffee has no effect on your fertility one way or the other as long as it is not drunk in excess (more than 4 cups daily).