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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Antibiotics in pregnancy

Question:  How many weeks pregnant should i be before i can take antibiotics? Y. (UK)

Answer: You can use antibiotics at any stage of pregnancy. That is, as long as you use antibiotics that are known to be safe to use in pregnancy. Of-course antibiotics are mainly used to treat bacterial infection and in such circumstances, the prescribed antibiotic should be used immediately after the diagnosis is made. In some cases, antibiotics may be used at a low dose over a prolonged period to prevent an infection, usually of the urinary tract. If you are pregnant and antibiotics have been prescribed for you make sure they are safe and use them. You should always inform your doctor that you are pregnant before having any prescription. The subject of antibiotics in pregnancy is discussed in more details here:


Medication while breast feeding

Question: I have a 2 months old baby that I am breast-feeding, I had a CS for his delivery and after few weeks I still keep experiencing whitish/ creamy discharge, dry cattarh discharge from my nose,small boil on the CS scar, so I called a Doctor that prescribed Zinnat 250mg,PCM and Betaren Dexcel 50mg. I have started using these prescription for the past 3 days, my problem is my son who started having sleepless night, cried a lot and high temperature. I gave him PCM, Nospamin and ABIDEC multivitamin drop, but still, the temperature is still high.  What do I do? Pls advice quickly if I should discontinue with the Zinnat etc. T. (Nigeria)

Answer: I am not sure why you have been given antibiotics. It is unlikely  that  the discharge is a result of an infection and therefore the antibiotic  Zinnat (Cefuroxime) is unlikely to have any effect. As for the small ?abscess on the surgical scar, this is a localised problem which will probably need to be incised and drained. Of course I cannot be sure about that course of action because I have not seen the lesion. However, systemic antibiotics are rarely effective  against such lesions. Betaren Dexcel is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (Diclofenac is the generic name) which is also a very good pain-killer. Both these drugs would not have any negative effect on a breast feeding baby and clearly, the baby’s symptoms you are describing have nothing to do with the medication you are taking. I’m not sure whether you need the Zinnat but that is a different matter altogether. As for what you have decided to give the baby, Nospamin is meant to relieve bowel spasms and of-course the multivitamin drops are just that. I am not sure what PCM is (is it supposed to be Paracetamol?). In any case, with a persistently raised temperature and at 2 months, it may not be a wise idea to self- treat and a visit to see the doctor for appropriate tests on the baby is what I would advise.

Has bleeding affected the pregnancy?

Question: I had bleeding for about two days but my breasts are still tender and I am urinating a lot, could I still be pregnant, was that bleeding or my period and it is serious to bleed at that time? K.C. (Jamaica)

Answer: I am afraid you have given too little information for me to be able to give you any meaningful advice. For instance, how advanced is your pregnancy? Have you had a scan in this pregnancy at all? How light or heavy was this bleeding? Has the bleeding now stopped? I’m really unable to get a handle on what you have experienced and therefore find myself unable to advise you. If the bleeding was light and you are in late pregnancy, this is unlikely to be significant. If you are still in early pregnancy (first trimester), any vaginal bleeding is potentially significant. If you have yet to have a scan in this pregnancy, that may be the next immediate measure required to verify what is going on. Best wishes.

Previous pulmonary embolism

Question:  I had a PE when i was pregnant with my second child in 2007. I sometimes have pain in my legs. Is this bad? I.C. (UK)

Answer: It is exceedingly unlikely that the ‘pains in the legs’ you are referring to have anything to do with your previous history of pulmonary embolism (PE). I take it, from how you have described the pains, that you get these intermittently. I also take it that you are concerned you may be getting undiagnosed deep vein thrombosis. Well; I can say with a fair degree of certainty that that is not the case. DVT does not come intermittently.

Typically a deep vein thrombosis, left untreated, will be progressive; sometimes with lethal consequences. You do not have DVT coming and going. If that is the way the pain has been presenting, it is and cannot be DVT. Another thing: DVT episodes tend to affect one limb at a time. It is exceedingly rare to have two limbs affected at the same time. The pain you have been having, if problematic, needs the attention of your doctor but it almost certainly has nothing to do with your previous PE.

Pregnancy-like symptoms, Implanon in place

Question: I have the implanon & over the last few months my breasts have become larger & i feel movement that is getting stronger & more frequent in my tummy. I also felt pressure in tummy & unwell after working harder at the gym. My doctor thinks its wind as 3 pregnancy tests are negative,last period was 18 wks ago(altho that doesn’t have 2 mean anything with having the implant in. Am i having a phantom pregnancy?  A.P.(UK)

Answer: In the strict sense of the term, yours cannot be described as a phantom pregnancy. You have entertained the idea of a possible pregnancy only because you have had the symptoms you describe. A person who has a phantom pregnancy will usually have a deep desire, consciously or subliminally, of becoming pregnant. That description does not fit somebody who has taken an active step to have an effective and long acting contraceptive like yourself. Plus; somebody suffering from a true phantom pregnancy will not have their conviction shaken by a negative pregnancy test.  I would therefore not describe what you are experiencing as a phantom pregnancy. I’m not sure how long Implanon has been in place in your case. However, the breast symptoms can be caused by the Implanon, especially in the first few months after insertion. So would the absence of periods as you yourself have acknowledged. If your abdominal symptoms are troublesome and persistent you should seek to see your doctor again for possible further test but this should probably focus on your bowel rather than pregnancy since that has been effectively ruled out.