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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Heavy vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

Question:  My pregnancy is 6 weeks and now is about 3 days I am bleeding. blood is red and much. My doctor examined me and said baby is ok and pregnancy is going like normal. so why bleeding is not stop?even i do not have a pain is it normal to have this much blood? S. (Finland)

Answer: The heavy bleeding that you are describing is a cause for significant concern. I am not sure what you mean when you say your doctor ‘examined you’. What sort of examination was it? The only way you can ascertain the baby in the womb is OK at this early stage of the pregnancy is by ultrasound scan. If this has not been done, you should get that done promptly. If it has been done and shows a viable pregnancy, all you and your doctor can do is wait and see. Best wishes.

Toothache in pregnancy

Question:  My mrs is 33 yrs of age and bmi is 27 she has pain in teeth and bodyache and headache earache since two weeks. She has 6 months pregnancy. Plz advise safe pain killer? K.R.

Answer: The first thing I should say is that your wife needs to see a doctor as a matter of priority to see why she is having these myriad pains. There could be an infection involving the oral cavity or the ear canal. This, if left untreated, can lead to quite serious complications. I cannot say for sure whether this is what is going on but it does definitely need to be ruled out. In the meantime, regarding pain killers, your wife can safely use Paracetamol or Codeine or a combination of these (Co-codamol etc).

Vaginal spotting at 9 weeks pregnant

Question:  I’m 9 weeks pregnant and experiencing light bleeding and am a bit worried. I had a 6 week scan previously which showed the baby’s heartbeat was present. What should i do?  K. (UK)

Answer: As we have stated many times before in response to this question that comes up frequently, any vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy should be treated as a threatened miscarriage until proven otherwise. The fact that you have already had a normal scan a few weeks ago is encouraging. It means, complications such as ectopic pregnancy, blighted ovum, molar pregnancy and a few others have already been effectively ruled out. There is therefore a high probability that this will turn out to be a false scare. However, the only way you can be absolutely certain of fetal wellbeing at this early stage is to have another scan. Get in touch with your doctor and this will be arranged as a matter of priority. Best wishes.

Depression and effect on pregnancy

Question:  I am in very bad situation. My boyfriend has another woman and he wants to keep her anyway. During my 7 weeks pregnancy I had bleeding 3 times. Now I feel myself some how depressed. Does depression effect on my baby health? What can I do to help myself? S. (Finland)

Answer: Of course you do have a personal issue here which is pre-occupying you and affecting your mood. You are feeling down and the circumstances you have described makes that understandable. However, you can be sure that the bleeding episodes you have experienced have nothing to do with your mood. It is almost certainly an unrelated issue. If you haven’t done so, I would advise that you see your doctor as a matter of priority to have an ultrasound scan to see what is going on with your pregnancy. Repeated early pregnancy vaginal bleeding is and should be a cause for concern. On the wider issue of reactive depression and pregnancy, there is no evidence that depression can directly cause miscarriage or any other adverse effect for that matter.

Nausea (no vomiting) during early pregnancy

Question: Is it okay during pregnancy of about 14 weeks to feel like vomiting and wont vomit. Also lack of appetite. Will this have an effect on the pregnancy please? Z.N. (Kenya)

Answer: It is not unusual to have nausea without actually vomiting in pregnancy. This is the so-called ‘morning sickness”. This will tend to stop around the end of the first trimester (12-13 weeks).

However, some women do continue to experience the nausea for a lot longer, beyond the first trimester. Some will, in fact, have the nausea with or without vomiting, for the entire duration of a pregnancy. Your persisting nausea is therefore not unusual. This should not unduly affect your pregnancy unless it makes you unable to eat properly.

Spina bifida diagnosis

Question:  At 22 weeks my daughter has discovered she is carrying a spina bifida fetus. She has decided to have a termination- but she can't come to terms that the fetus will not have a funeral. What can I say or do for her? She is feeling a tremendous guilt. A desperate mum! L.C. (UK)

Answer: I wish I could be of more help an support. When a mother decides to terminate a pregnancy for whatever reason, it is a desperate situation.  Since her decision is already made, I suppose it will be inappropriate for me to mention that termination is not her only option in this case. It means therefore that what she needs now is proper professional support to come to terms with her decision and her loss. Family, and that means you, have a role to play in this. You just need to be there for her. Can I also add that, at 22 weeks, the terminated baby can have a funeral.

Ovarian cysts and falling pregnant

Question: Why is it so difficult to fall pregnant? I had a cystectomy done and there is another cyst on my left ovary. Does this mean i can’t fall pregnant? And, what pills can i take to become fertile? J.T.

Answer: You really need to be careful how you are handling this issue. Your gynaecologist may have already told you this so I am likely to be repeating what you have already heard: The ovarian cysts are not influencing your ability to conceive. If you have been trying for some time without success, you and your partner need to be referred to a fertility specialist for appropriate investigations to see if there is a problem. Remember, it is entirely possible this may just be a delay and there is no actual problem. In any case, the fact that you have not conceived yet is nothing to do with the ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts do not cause sub-fertility.