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Pregnancy Bliss | Reproductive Health Hub

Risk of Toxoplasma infection in pregnancy

Question:  Hello, I have a question about toxoplasma during pregnancy. I am in 21 weeks and 4days.

YESTERDAY, while I cut some apple, my finger was cut a little bit by knife. TODAY, bleeding stop ..but... accidentally, I touch raw beef a lot. Do you think that I can be infected with toxoplasma? D. (USA)

Answer: It is true that some meat could contain toxoplasma cysts. Ingestion of these could  lead to infection which could be passed on to the baby in the womb. Of-course, for this risk to be there, the meat has got to have the cysts in the first place. This is not that common. Your having a cut finger  is not a risk for toxoplasmosis. Eating raw (contaminated) meat is. Toxoplasma infected meat is really not that common in the developed world. People at significant risk of acquiring this infection are those who keep cats since this is the definitive host of the toxoplasma organism. On balance, the situation you have described leads me to believe that your fears are most probably unfounded.  We have discussed Toxoplasmosis in detail here:

Risk of having a baby with Ehlers Danlos syndrome

Question:  I am 30 yr old n I delivered a baby girl with ehlers donlos syndrome 5 days ago. I was having 2 brother with this syndrome. My question is this: What test should i do for next pregnancy to detect if fetus has the syndrome or not?  What is the percentage of having normal baby? should i conceive or not? N. (Pakistan)

Answer: Ehlers Danlos syndrome is a complex condition. In fact, it is not one condition but a group of related conditions with one common theme. The abnormality is that of the main connective tissue collagen. You have not said what type of the syndrome your daughter has been diagnosed with. All Ehlers Danlos syndrome sub-types are genetic inherited conditions. The hypermobility sub-type, also known as Type III, is the commonest. There is no prenatal test for this  sub-type of the syndrome. The ‘Vascular’ subtype is the most serious one. A decision on whether you should conceive again is obviously a personal one and I would not be in a position to advise you on that. However, as a general statement, a family history of Ehlers Danlos syndrome would not normally be regarded as a reason to avoid having children. The advise is, of course, different if the mother is affected by the vascular sub-type of the syndrome. Pregnancy for such mothers poses a considerable risk to them personally as detailed in an answer to an earlier similar question that you can reach by clicking here:

Vaginal spotting and pain in early pregnancy

Question:  i have missed my period by a wk i have done 2 tests and both come bk positive i have had a stomachache/pain on and off all day, not as bad now. When i went 4 a wee this afternoon and wiped myself the tissue was slightly discoloured and has been the last 2 times i've gone. Is this anything 2 worry about? Regards. A. (UK)

Answer: You appear to have some light vaginal spotting in your early pregnancy. Byyour given dates, you are about 5 weeks pregnant. Vaginal spotting at this stage may signal a problem with the pregnancy and would be classified as threatened miscarriage. It can also be a symptom of ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can also present with lower abdominal pain, usually on one side or another but it will be extremely unusual for that symptom to present so early in pregnancy. Let me stress that, in the majority of cases, this sort of thing turns out to be a false scare. However, it is worthwhile bringing this to the attention of your GP who is likely to refer you on to the early pregnancy assessment unit of your local hospital for proper evaluation.

Threatened miscarriage test

Question:  Are there tests that can determine whether in early pregnancy bleeding a pregnancy will abort or will develop normally? K.

Answer: There is no reliable test to give you that sort of prognostic information. It is true that bleeding in early pregnancy is regarded as threatened miscarriage and, unfortunately, up to 10% of those affected by this complication in early pregnancy will go on to miscarry. However, there is no reliable test to tell whether any individual affected woman will fall in that group.

Blood groups and risk of miscarriage

Question: Pls i want know if it is our blood group and gynotype that makes sperm flush out from my vagina after intercourse with my husband. And also if was that same problem that made me lose my pregnancy of 10 weeks plus last year November. I am really afraid and worried because am 6 weeks pregnant now. He is ABO with RH (D) POSITIVE while i am AA with A RH (D) NEGATIVE. Are we compatible at all. Please, also explain all what we need to do to avoid another miscarriage. PLEASE! A.K. (Italy)

Answer: It is important that you try to avoid self-inflicted stress. Let me clarify. Semen flowing out of the vagina after intercourse is completely normal. It happens to every woman. There is absolutely no reason to be concerned about this. Regarding blood groups, I’m afraid your information is not quite correct. I will try to clarify. The main classification of blood groups is called the ABO classification. This comes from the fact that all human beings belong to one of the four major blood groups. Those are A, B, AB and O. Your husband will belong to one of these and not ABO as you have put it since no such blood group exists. From what you have said, your own blood group is probably A. More importantly as far as your question is concerned, there is no such thing as blood group incompatibility between partners causing miscarriage. Such a thing does not exist. You really need to avoid creating problems in your mind that don’t exist in reality. Whether your husband is Blood Group A, B, AB or O, it absolutely does not matter. It will not put your pregnancy at risk. I do not know what caused your miscarriage last year but please be assured it was not because of blood group incompatibility. The topic of Rhesus blood groups is discussed in more details here: My best wishes.

Amino acids in pregnancy

Question:  Is it safe to take amino acids during pregnancy ie l lysine etc? D.S. (UK)

Answer: Amino acids are simply the building blocks of proteins. When protein is broken down during digestion, you get amino acids. It follows therefore that, taking amino acids directly is, in effect, taking proteins in their simplified form. There is no problem whatsoever with this in pregnancy.

Heavy vaginal bleeding in early pregnancy

Question:  My pregnancy is 6 weeks and now is about 3 days I am bleeding. blood is red and much. My doctor examined me and said baby is ok and pregnancy is going like normal. so why bleeding is not stop?even i do not have a pain is it normal to have this much blood? S. (Finland)

Answer: The heavy bleeding that you are describing is a cause for significant concern. I am not sure what you mean when you say your doctor ‘examined you’. What sort of examination was it? The only way you can ascertain the baby in the womb is OK at this early stage of the pregnancy is by ultrasound scan. If this has not been done, you should get that done promptly. If it has been done and shows a viable pregnancy, all you and your doctor can do is wait and see. Best wishes.