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You can, actually, lose weight (and keep it off)

Press Release

The Weight Loss Success Predictor Tool

Boundless Health is pleased to announce the launch of a revolutionary new online Weight Loss Success Predictor tool that provides individualized assessment of those factors that are known to be important in weight loss.

This tool solves many of the key issues in weight loss that people face.

To date, the temptation has been for an individual to embarking on weight loss without expert advice on the critical issues they should be addressing before they start on the weight loss project. This is partly why relapse is the commonest experience.

This tool, however, does not replace other expert professional advice where this is appropriate and required. In fact users of this tool will be encouraged to share the reports with their health-care professionals.

This is how it works.

An individual registers at The assessment covers personal factors including current Body Mass Index, environmental, psychological and family situation. After completing the tool, the system works behind the scenes to score, calculate and provide the reports available immediately for download.

For each item in the assessment tool, the individual is advised on the overall score; problems identified, and suggested solutions.

The report is in two parts, a free 6-8 page Summary and paid Full report up to 16 pages long. In the report, strong and weak points are highlighted so helping the client identify where to focus particularly in order to win at weight loss.

To access the tool visit

Those who choose to seek further help can be reassured that we have a full complement of professionals experienced at promoting weight loss.

Go forth and reset!