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DIY methods of determining the sex of the baby

We want to round off this topic by touching upon the promoted methods of baby sex determination that the woman can do herself.

Perhaps the most famous and enduring method is that promoted by Dr Shettles, popularly known as ‘Shettles Method’.  In a book first published in 1984, Dr Shettles explained what he claimed to be scientifically researched strategies to maximize the possibilities of getting a baby of the gender you desire.

In summary, those strategies go like this:

Trying for a boy:

Trying for a girl:

This will involve doing the opposite of the above (obviously). In summary:

Dr Shettles claimed a success rate of around 75%. What do other fertility experts have to say about the Shettles Method? The bottom line is that the claimed results have never been replicated by anybody else and therefore can only be declared as unproven.

There is certainly nothing particularly controversial about the strategies promoted in Shettles Method and certainly nothing that can be said to be potentially harmful. It may also be fun in trying them out, depending on how strongly the parents feel about getting the gender they want. However, solid evidence as to its effectiveness is simply not there.

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Last update: October 08, 2012