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I am having pain and vaginal bleeding. Am I miscarrying?
If you are pregnant, pain in the lower part of the abdomen and vaginal bleeding can be symptoms of  an impending miscarriage or one that is already taking place.You may wish to contact your doctor and perhaps to have an ultrasound scan to see what is really happening.  
If you have acute abdominal pain, with or without bleeding, and especially if you also have pain in your shoulders, you should contact your doctor or hospital since this may be a  sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition, so it is important that it is either ruled out or treated quickly.
Vaginal bleeding in pregnancy does not always lead to miscarriage and in many cases it will stop and  the pregnancy will carry on as normal.What’s more,  vaginal bleeding in pregnancy does not necessarily come from inside the uterus. It may be from the neck of the womb (cervix) or the vagina.

The Miscarriage Association can be reached at:

Miscarriage Association
C/o Clayton Hospital
West Yorkshire
Tel: 01924-200 799 (Helpline) Mon-Fri,  9am – 4pm
Fax: 01924-298 834
Scottish Helpline: 0131-334 8883

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